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Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Hello or Ẹ Káàárọ in Yoruba language!

The Tour of Africa started in Lagos on 12 january 2020. The team of The African Dream invites you to discover the story of the 1st stage in Nigeria.

> #TOURISM: "Little Chilli Pepper" in Nigeria

Three formats are available: a Podcast (Audio), an e-Mag (Text/photos) or a Mix format (Video/audio/text).

In this podcast: "Little Chili pepper" shares her touristic experience + Testimonies: moving to Lagos, Pascal Ott tells about it.


Link : e-Mag

PODCAST #1 Tour of Africa - Nigeria special. (Only in French)

Mix (Only in French)

> #HISTORY: History of Nigeria before 1800

Narrated by Olaiya Borisade, a historian sent by UNESCO.

We wish to thank Mr. Lazare Eloundou Assomo UNESCO Director for Culture and Emergency Situations, Mr Matoko and Mr Volibi: Sector of Priority Africa and External Relations from UNESCO, Mr Hugue Ngandeu Ngatta Program Specialist in Social and Human Sciences Sector, Regional Office in Abuja, Prof. Okpeh O. Okpeh President of the Historian Association of Nigeria, and thanks to Prof. Bashir for having facilitated our contact with Prof. Olaiya Borisade.

> #ART #DIGITALISATION of artistic projects

Two artists have benefited from the day of digitalisation at the Alliance Française in Lagos to make videos captures

Shona Rap of Nigeria:

& Davidson David, an actor of the Creative Majesty Company:

Follow the new chanel opened for the 10th edition of the Afro Pepites Show: Youtube/AfroPepiteShow

> #ART #INTERVIEW Portrait of Nigeria

The Director of the Company of Theater « Creative Majesty Company » will tell us about his actions. Online release in 2021 Youtube/AfricaTour

> #CONFERENCE Newspaper clippings

Thanks to the British Council for having relayed through its Whatsapp network the invitation to artists to participate to the Masterclass.

Thanks to Raypower FM radio Abuja Nigeria

See photo on our Instagram page.

> #MASTERCLASS "Culture applied to the Digital"

Animated by Lætitia Normand

Hosted by Alliance Française in Lagos, Mr Maurice Chapot and his technical team

Participants: seven

See more photo on our Instagram page

An event made possible thanks to:

Alliance Française:

Le Comité Europe-Afrique:

Thank you Pascal Ott, former Director of AF in Lagos who still lives in Lagos. What a human warmth! Once you have met with him, you remember him for your entire life. Thanks for the strength you give to this project.

Thank you Kola Onasanya, and thanks to Egypt 80 for the strength

Thank you Lyabo and Joy the Queens of Egypt 80 for the warm welcome in their house. Thanks for having immersed me in your universe!

Thank you Seun Anikulapo Kuti for hosting in Kalakuta House the capture for the Historian

In tribute to late Pr Kiflé Sélassié Béséat

> If you liked it, let us know!

The price of the e-Mag is free! We have opened a donation page: Click here

> What’s next?

It is to Cotonou, Benin, that the Tour of Africa went next.

Contact us:

Sponsors, Partners:

Join us:

- Call for application "Projects Managers"

- Call for application "Historians"

Follow us:

Feel free to share the blog!

Do not hesitate to leave us your comments, tell your story in Nigeria... #TheAfricanDream

Enjoy the cultural trip!

Ose Gan! / Thank you very much!

Thank you to Nigerians "the country of Eagles" (symbol of strength) !

By Lætitia Normand aka « Little chilli pepper »

For The African Dream

PS : The Tour of Africa will continue after the lockdown! #Covid19

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