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Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Hello or « I Kéna » in Soussou language!

The Tour of Africa continued in Conakry from 2 until 8 March 2020. The team of the African Dream invites you to discover the story of this stage.

> #TOURISM: "Little Chilli Pepper" in Guinea

In this story, "Little Chilli pepper" shares her touristic experience.

Three formats are available: a Podcast (Audio), an e-Mag (Text/photos) or a Mix format (Video/audio/text).


Link : e-Mag

Mix : Tour of Africa: "Little chilli pepper" in Guinea #TheAfricanDream #Tourism

(Use the automatic translator)

PODCAST #6 Tour of Africa – Guinea special. (Only in French)

> #HISTORY: History of Republic of Guinea before 1800

Narrated by Professor Soliman Kouyaté, a Guinean historian who speaks to us about the history of the Mandinka Kingdom.

We thank Mr Lazare Eloundou Assomo Director for Culture and Emergency Situations at UNESCO, Mr Matoko and Mr Volibi of UNESCO: Social Mobilization, Priority Sector Africa and External Relations, and Ms Corinne Moussa Vignissy, Head of Antenna in Cotonou who coordinated our contacts with the Historians of Benin in Conakry.

> #ART #DIGITALISATION of artistic projects

Hosted by : Point lecture du Jardin du 2 oct.

13 artists have benefited from the day of digitalisation in Conakry to make video shooting and 7 are online:

Young Léno : Reggae

Queenef : Musique acoustique

Barry huit : Musique acoustique, namougny

Backo dada : Musique acoustique, Yankadi

Freedom sogue : Musique acoustique, chanson

Anonymous : Dancehall

Chacka Barry : Musique acoustique, chanson

Some pictures of the shooting:

Follow the new chanel opened for the 10th edition of the Afro Pepites Show: Youtube/AfroPepiteShow

> #ART #INTERVIEW Portrait of Guinea

Chimère Ndiaw a graffer will talk to us about her background. Online release in 2021 Youtube/AfricaTour

Hosted by: Le jardin du 2 octobre

Organised by: "Cultures ensemble" association and of the Fund for the Development of Arts and Culture - FODAC.

Animated by: Lassine Koné of Cultures ensemble and our partners; Mr. Malik Kébé, head of FODAC, Mr. Jean-Baptiste Williams, the National Director of Culture, Mr. Fodeba Isto Keira, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Culture, Mr. Bah Fatou Conté, Chief of Staff of the Ministry, Mr. Marie Somparé Boiro, the Deputy Director of the Franco-Guinean Cultural Center, Mr. Koumba Dieng of the United Nations Volunteers, Mr. Mohamed Doumbouya, project coordinator at the IOM.

Newspaper clippings: Thanks to M Condé of Cherieradio Guinea, at the Espace TV " Lève-tôt " for the interview @ levetot224.., for having relayed information via their network.

See more photo on our Instagram page.

> #MASTERCLASS "Culture applied to the Digital"

Animated by Lætitia Normand

Hosted by: The Franco Guinean Cultural Center, represented by Me Marie Somparé Boiro and Mr. Dominique Maillochon.

With the intervention of: the association Culture ensemble, Mr. X, cultural manager of the EU Embassy in Guinea, Mr. Mohamed Doumbouya, project coordinator at the IOM, Mr. Malik Kébé in charge of FODAC, Mr. X in charge of visa at the Belgian Embassy in West Africa and Mr. Marie Somparé Boiro, the deputy director of the Franco-Guinean Cultural Center.

Registered: 100

Participants: 80

See more photo on our Instagram page

> #PARTNERS An event made possible thanks to:

"Cultures ensemble" organisation:

FODAC (Ministry of Culture) :

Point lecture du Jardin du 2 oct. :

United Nations Volunteers:

Embassy of the Republic of Guinea in France:

Europe-Africa Committee:

Thank you Nadjat Eyraud, my energetic coach,

Thank you Me Soukenatou and Mr. Malik Kébé for the links made in Guinea.

In tribute to late Pr Kiflé Sélassié Béséat.

> If you liked it, let us know!

The price of the e-Mag is free!

We have opened a donation page: Click here

> What’s next?

The "Tour of Africa" stopped after this stage. We are waiting for the health instructions to be more favorable to travel and the project will start again as soon as possible.

Contact us:

Sponsors, Partners:

Join us:

- Call for application "Projects Managers"

- Call for application "Historians"

Follow us:

Feel free to share the blog! Do not hesitate to leave us your comments, tell your story in Guinea... #TheAfricanDream

Enjoy the cultural trip!

Inou Walli! (Soussou language) / Thank you very much!

Long life to Guinea, "The land of a thousand rivers".

By Lætitia Normand aka « Little chilli pepper »

For The African Dream

PS: We have closed the call for applications to recruit project managers by country. 3524 candidates have expressed their interest in joining the Tour of Africa organization. Candidates will receive an answer from the end of October 2020.

PS: The African Dream team would like to thank very warmly the generous donors and all the actors who made "The African Dream" live by facilitating its "Tour of Africa". It was an extraordinary, enriching and unforgettable experience...

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