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Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Hello or « Ndi Lo » in Mina language!

The Tour of Africa continued in Lomé the week of January 27 to February 2, 2020. The team of the African Dream invites you to discover the story of the 3rd stage.

> #TOURISM: "Little Chilli Pepper" in Togo

In this podcast: "Little Chilli pepper" shares her touristic experience + Interview bonus : Tonton Jamel talks about his TV channel on Whatsapp:

Three formats are available: a Podcast (Audio), an e-Mag (Text/photos) or a Mix format (Video/audio/text):


PODCAST #3 Tour of Africa - Togo special. (Only in French)

Mix (Only in French)

> #HISTORY: History of Togo before 1800

Narrated by Professor Joseph Tsigbe, a Togolese historian who tells us about the history of the Ewés of Notsé and Agokoli (15th - 17th century).

We thank Mr Lazare Eloundou Assomo Director for Culture and Emergency Situations at UNESCO, Mr Matoko and Mr Volibi of UNESCO: Social Mobilization, Priority Sector Africa and External Relations, Thank you to our regional correspondents Mr YDO Yao Regional Director, UNESCO Multisector Regional Office in Abuja and Ms Corinne Moussa Vignissy, Head of Antenna in Cotonou who coordinated our contacts with the Historians of Cotonou in Conakry.

Shooting coordinated after our departure by "Pensées Noires" and fixed by Spice's corporate.

Production and editing by "Le Reve Africain".

> #ART #DIGITALISATION of artistic projects

Six artists have benefited from the day of digitalisation in Lomé to make video shooting and four are online:

Mesko-CGCE: Slam

VISSETH: Acoustic music

Mabelle: Acoustic music

KLUTSE NANE Komla Mawuli: Slam

Some pictures of the shooting:

Follow the new chanel opened for the 10th edition of the Afro Pepites Show: Youtube/AfroPepiteShow

> #ART #INTERVIEW Portrait of Togo

The sand sculptor Bob Atisso will talk to us about his background and his art. Online release in 2021 Youtube/AfricaTour

Hosted by: French Institute of Togo in Lomé

Newspaper clippings: Thanks to Pensées noires, Sport FM, Radio Lomé and Radio Taxi Fm, El Samouraï, Tonton Djamel, Radio Nana fm, for having relayed information via their network.

Thank you to Claudy Siar and his team for the interview at the Togo stage on Couleurs tropicales / RFI

Thank you to the Tourism Office, M. Michel Wowui for sending a representative of the Minister of Culture of Togo.

Thank you to the great conductor of the week Mr. Alain Mouaka from "Pensées noires".

See photo on our Instagram page.

> #MASTERCLASS "Culture applied to the Digital"

Animated by Lætitia Normand

Hosted by Institut Français du Togo in Lomé, Mr. Venunyé AZILAR - Culture & Communication IFT Manager.

Registered: 14

Participants: 12

See more photo on our Instagram page

An event made possible thanks to:

Institut Français du Togo :

Pensées noires :

El Samouraï :

Togo Embassy in France :

Europe-Africa Committee:

Thank you Nadjat Eyraud, my energetic coach,

Thank you Carlos for the connection with the hostel,

Thank you Emmanuel Sogbadji for their welcome!

In tribute to late Pr Kiflé Sélassié Béséat

> If you liked it, let us know!

The price of the e-Mag is free!

We have opened a donation page: Click here

> What’s next?

It is to Accra, Ghana, that the Tour of Africa went next.

Contact us:

Sponsors, Partners:

Join us:

- Call for application "Projects Managers"

- Call for application "Historians"

Follow us:

Feel free to share the blog! Do not hesitate to leave us your comments, tell your story in Togo... #TheAfricanDream

Enjoy the cultural trip!

Akpé Kaka! (Mina language) / Thank you very much!

Long life to Togo "Land of ancestors" (to indicate the strength that lives in Togolese traditions and the power of the ancestors in the management of daily life).

By Lætitia Normand aka « Little chilli pepper »

For The African Dream

PS : The Tour of Africa will continue as soon as possible and if all goes well in January 2021...

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