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Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Hello or « Maakye! » in Twi language!

The Tour of Africa continued in Accra from 2nd until 9th February 2020. The team of the African Dream invites you to discover the story of the 4th stage.

> #TOURISM: "Little Chilli Pepper" in Ghana

In this podcast: "Little Chilli pepper" shares her touristic experience.

Three formats are available: a Podcast (Audio), an e-Mag (Text/photos) or a Mix format (Video/audio/text).


(Use the automatic translator)


Link : e-Mag

PODCAST #4 Tour of Africa - Ghana special. (Only in French)

> #HISTORY: History of Ghana before 1800

We could not meet with a historian, but we're thinking about a solution.

> #ART #DIGITIZATION of artistic projects

No artists digitization in Accra

> #ART #INTERVIEW Portrait of Ghana

Queen Christy will talk to us about her background. Online release in 2021 Youtube/AfricaTour

Hosted by: MUSIGA, Ras Caleb, President. (A network of independent artists)

See more photo on our Instagram page.

> #MASTERCLASS "Culture applied to the Digital"

The Masterclass could not be held.

An event made possible thanks to:

Europe-Africa Committee:

Thank you to:

Nadjat Eyraud, my energetic coach,

Richard Frimpong Ansah for his welcome!

Alli Wassi in Benin for the link with MUSIGA.

In tribute to late Pr Kiflé Sélassié Béséat

> If you liked it, let us know!

The price of the e-Mag is free!

We have opened a donation page: Click here

> What’s next?

It is to Abidjan, Ivory Coast, that the Tour of Africa went next.

Contact us:

Sponsors, Partners:

Join us:

- Call for application "Projects Managers"

- Call for application "Historians"

Follow us:

Feel free to share the blog! Do not hesitate to leave us your comments, tell your story in Ghana... #TheAfricanDream

Enjoy the cultural trip!

Yɛda mo ase pii (Twi language) / Thank you very much!

Long life to Ghana, which means "Warrior King".

By Lætitia Normand aka « Little chilli pepper »

For The African Dream

PS : The Tour of Africa will continue as soon as possible and if all goes well in January 2021...

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