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11th edition of the Selections of the African Dream! The great discoveries identified by the committee and the web users! The AFRO PEPITES SHOW is the 1st Arts Market online (e-Arts Market)

The selected pepites will benefit from our communication network and for some of them of our artistic management skills. ​ We have widened our communication networks and “agitated” the artists on the Internet to harvest a new artistic bunch dedicated to:

- Professionals of culture willing to highlight new talents (media, managers, producers, publishers, organizers, distributors, booking agencies…)

- Internet users interested in discovering new cultural trends. ​

This year the Listeners’ committee has discovered 161 projects. It has short-listed 13 projects which have made a difference thanks to their originality, their quality and/or their commitments. Then, Internet users voted to support their favourite project!

This result is the fruit of a collaborative selection. A CRUSH? > Press Relation > Management > Booking | Thank you all for your participation |



Golden Pepite: AMINA WEIRA | DOCUMENTARY | NIGER Amina Weira is a Nigerien film director, native of the city of Arlit. The young director has produced 5 film-short, but it is her denunciatory documentary, ''Anger in the Wind'' released in 2016, which gave her international notoriety. This film, about the radioactive disasters of uranium processing, has already received a dozen international awards. (+)

Looking for: Funding.

2de Pepite: O.B.A. | AFROBEAT, URBAN MUSIC | NIGERIA Olatunde Obajeun (O.B.A.) is a multidisciplinary artist born and based in Nigeria. Olatunde’s latest engagements are creating an intimate experience with his audience and taking them along on a meditation through sounds and visuals. (+)

Looking for: A manager, a booking agency, promotion.

3rd Pepite: MAMADOU BALLO | PAINTING | IVORY COAST Mamadou Ballo is an Ivorian ecological painter and sculptor who works in Abidjan. « His women, his skies, his moods, everything is inscribed in a circle of warm light, desire and gratitude... » Cf Zo Mag . (+)

Looking for: Promotion.

THE NEXT CASTING will mark the 12th edition!

Next registrations from 01/03/2022.

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