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1st 2022 PEPITE (Amina Weira)



Amina Weira is a Nigerian director. Amina Weira is a native of the city of Arlit where she spent her primary and secondary education. She holds a degree in video editing from the Institut de formation aux techniques de l'information et de la communication (IFTIC) in Niamey and a master's degree in creative documentary filmmaking from the Université Gaston Berger in Saint-Louis, Senegal.

The young director has signed her first work in 2011 which is a film-short film, entitled ''the music of film''. She has to her credit four (4) other short films which are "Studies in honey" released in 2012, "It is possible" released in 2013 and "A gesture, a heart" which was released in 2018; a confined schooling released in 2020. But It is her denunciatory documentary, ''Anger in the Wind'' released in 2016, which gave her international notoriety. This film, about the radioactive disasters of uranium processing, has already received a dozen international awards.

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