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The results of the 12th edition of the Afro Pepites Show!

The 1st online Arts Market (e-Arts Market)

The great discoveries identified by the committee and the web users!

The selected pepites will benefit from our communication network and for some of them of our artistic management skills. ​ We have widened our communication networks and “agitated” the artists on the Internet to harvest a new artistic bunch dedicated to:

- Professionals of culture willing to highlight new talents (media, managers, producers, publishers, organizers, distributors, booking agencies…)

- Internet users interested in discovering new cultural trends. ​

This year the Listeners’ committee has discovered 153 projects. It has short-listed 12 projects which have made a difference thanks to their originality, their quality and/or their commitments. Then, Internet users voted to support their favourite project!

This result is the fruit of a collaborative selection. A CRUSH? > Press Relation > Management > Booking | Thank you all for your participation |



Golden Pepite: JUSTE PARFAIT | SATIRICAL HUMOUR | REPUBLIC OF CONGO Juste Parfait is a Congolese humorist born in Pointe Noire. For him "humour is the most beautiful profession in the world", "Even a baby wants to laugh. Comedy gets the message across easily, it soothes and relieves stress".

His humour evokes the daily life of Africans in general and the Congolese in particular.

After training in theatre, Juste Parfait started his career as a comedian in 2014 with the Brazza Comedy Show collective before meeting Valérie Ndongo, a Cameroonian comedian, who enabled him to start his career... (+)

Looking for: Promotion.

2de Pepite: MARCEL KPOHO | TYRE SCULPTURE | BENIN Marcel Kpoho is a sculptor and painter from Benin, born in Porto-Novo. Gifted in drawing since his early childhood, Marcel Kpoho gave up teaching mathematics to truly engage in his artistic career in 2017. Marcel Kpoho shapes used tyres and models them to make masks and sculptures that speak of human beings, in their darkest and most glorious aspects. He is particularly interested in the environment, the suffering of women, sexism and racism. (+)

Looking for: A manager, arts galeries, promotion.

3rd Pepite: FRANCESCO NCHIKALA | KATANGA MUSIC | DRC Francesco Nchikala is born in Lubumbashi in the DRC. The modern troubadour known as the "griot of Congo Kinshasa", use instruments such as violin, saxophone, accordion and piano, they were able to make a mixture of genres (which he calls Katanga) such as smooth jazz, blues, rock, folklore and rumba, which he calls Katanga. The music, the scenography and the dancers are what make his concerts exciting and outrageously fun... (+)

Looking for: Booking agencies, promotion.

THE NEXT CASTING will mark the 13th edition!

Next registrations from 01/03/2023.

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