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Dernière mise à jour : 9 févr.

Unusual, multicultural, forward-thinking and professional, the African Dream offers a panel of 10 artists who are developing at international level.

The listed projects are looking for their booking agencies, agents, publishers, but also organisers, art gallerists and media, who will promote their projects.

Let's collaborate!

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Selected among several hundreds of other projects via our e-Arts Market of the African Dream (the Afro Pepites Show), the artists we present were shortlisted thanks to a committee of professionals, fans and to the vote of web users. They distinguished themselves by the quality, the originality of their creations and/or their actions.

Contact us:

Management: manager(at)lereveafricain.com

Press relation: communication(at)lereveafricain.com

Organizers: booking(at)lereveafricain.com

The African Dream Team.

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