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Elom 20ce offers 6 good reasons to listen to "Aux impossibles imminents" ! 1 single with 6 video clips announcing the release of his new "AMEWUGA" album.

Instead of an ordinary clip, Elom 20ce thinks out of the box and offers a 78-minute documentary artwork. An incredibly deep descent into the daily life of six characters of the city who all profess the imminence of impossible ethical and liberating impossibilities. This work, created under the direction of architect and anthropologist Sénamé Koffi Agbodjinou, will be presented in the teaser of the LOMÉ + exhibition project at the new Palais de Lomé at the on 22 November.

Single available on 22/11/19

Album: Early 2020

Live on 22 November 2019 at "Palais de Lomé" (Togo)

European Tour in February 2020!

Production: Asrafo records / Distributor: The Orchard / Label Management: Le Rêve Africain

«Thus is hope reborn...». These are the first words that can be heard in Elom 20ce’s upcoming album’s first single, entitled «Aux Impossibles Imminents.». A piece that encourages resilience. Four years after his second album INDIGO, Elom 20ce delivers a track with a very precise recipe: pentatonic jazzy brass, in reference to the traditional songs of the Ewe people. A Boom Bap beat that reminds of the rap of the 90’s and a winged prose that carries us away into his imagination.

The basic musical orchestration is provided by his partner Alexis Hountondji, with Koffi Assimadji on saxophone, Koudjo Avouvi on trumpet and Elom Kottner on trombone.

A common thread in Elom 20ce’s creations, the pan-African references irrigate this new title...

Pepite The African Dream since 2016.

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Location: Lomé (Togo).

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