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Coton d'Afrik & The Sailors, Pepites The African Dream since 2018, present "Oudji Anu" a second single sung in Luba, who tells the story of a mother who talks to her son afraid of sleeping because of the sound of thunder in the sky...

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Coton d’Afrik started in 2008 thanks to a hazardous meeting in Fez between Enoc, a Congolese singer and guitarist, with Didier, a DRC percussionist and singer. Today composed of 5 artists from different origins, Coton d'Afrik met The Sailors and offer a project in various colors combining rumba, Afrobeat, Rock and Oriental music, ready to cross borders.

Coton d'Afrik & the Sailors sings in Lingala, Swahili, Kiluba and Kikongo (Main languages of Congo and Central Africa) to celebrate human values and talk about the evils that make them suffer (immigration, rape, racism, war and many others).

Together they begin to make several appearances on Moroccan stages and distribute their first singles "Moto" and "Oudji anu".

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Location: Casablanca (Morocco).

Most wanted > A producer, publishers, booking agencies, organizers, media.


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