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THIRD "2018 PEPITE" (Chimère)


● Biography:

Chimere, Oumar Diaw by his real name, is a realistic draughtsman who knows the world of the visual arts well. He honours his presence in graffiti by creating portraits that leave no one indifferent.

Chimère considers himself a painter but the graffiti stage has revealed many things to him that at some point he considers himself more as a graffiti artist.

So he struggles like a devil's chimera to be able to make a valuable work. Being a very resourceful person, Chimere does not expect anyone to do what he wants to do.

For him "the artist is that individual who is always ready to compose, from the point of view of sight, hearing, hearing... something of a chimera. Artist is this person who is ready to awaken people's sensitivity. Art is a refuge for sad people. He is to unleash sadness in the consumer's heart and introduce joy. But also, he is to denounce, because Street Art allows us to denounce injustices. He is also a means of prevention".  (See Rbscrew)

●  LOOKING FOR Art Galeries, organisers

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