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FIRST "2018 PEPITE" (Élie Aganze Bishikwabo)

Updated: Mar 11, 2021


● Biography :

Born in 1996 in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Elie Aganze Bishikwabo is a fashion designer who works in Kampala (Uganda).

Having practiced very well in the sewing workshop held by his mother at their home, Elie Aganze made his debut in fashion design in 2009, a day when he realized that he could not go to school because he did not have a school bag: he did not have enough money. The saying in Swahili that means "famine teaches how to eat" comes to his mind, so he designs his own schoolbag with jeans....

From this story came his passion for fashion. In 2016 Elijah obtained his state diploma and headed to Uganda in 2017 to develop his talent as a fashion designer by attending the "Industrial Arts and Design" University in Kampala.

After his success at the Institutional Fashion Tour, Elie Aganze began his professional career. In November 2017, Elie took part in Urban Fashion Week as a fashion designer, then participated in the Pearl of Africa Fashion Awards and MADZ Company Fashion Show.  In 2018, Elie took part in Steevz K Fashion Week, then he participated in African Realist Model TV Show Launch; and exhibited his collection at the fashion show Toza Fier then at the mafa (Sudanese Fashion Show in Uganda), and at the Kigali Fashion Week with TMP Empire.

Futur prospects: In 2012, Elie surrounded himself with his brothers to create bac (Bishikwabo Arts & Couture) a clothing brand and a family arts association. It is around this brand that he focuses his current work, hoping that over time he will rise to the ranks of the world's leading fashion designers such as Gucci, Vuitton and Jean-Paul Gauthier.  Since the summer 2018, and his meeting at the Bayimba Festival with the art collective JustaHub, Elie has created a brand new collection, JustaLokoStyle, in partnership with Kongoloko, and Sophia Lindsay Burns (Founder of JustaHub), and developed her talent as a textile designer for scenography.

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