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We offer an international cultural tool (e-cultural market) called the Afro Pepites Show to facilitate the cultural professionals’ search ...

Welcome to managers, producers, publishers, distributors, booking agencies, agents, art gallery owners, organizers, journalists, radio / TV hosts...

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The first names of THE 2019-2020 COMMITTEE : Isabelle Messer: Georg Leitner Productions GmbH Booking agent & Tour Manager, Irieunity CEO & Founder (Austria), Jérome Labory: Senior A&R Director, Artistic Director @ Polydor / Universal Music France (France), Michael Soumah: "RTS - Radio Télévision du Sénégal" producer (Senegal), Guillaume Heintzmann et Olivier Rigout : Alter K (France), Frédéric Lamandé : Le Sax Achères 78 programmer (France), Faisal Kiwewa: Execute director of Bayimba Foundation - DoaDoa Market (uganda), Herman Kabubi: Director Programmes, Bayimba Foundation (Uganda), Shabani Ramadhani Hamissi: Marahaba Music Expo Director (Burundi), Julie Poncelet: Scènégal éthic 's artistic manager and booking (Belgium), Bouna Ndiaye: Radio host @ "Bonjour Africa", WNCU 90.7 FM (USA), WRTU 89.7FM, San Juan (Porto Rico), Alejandro de los Santos, Ángela Rodríguez, Perez et Javier Mantecón: Journalists @ Afribuku (Spain), Juan Antonio Vázquez: radio host @ Mundofonías and Radio Nacional de España (La Ruta de las Especias & El Palabrero). Co-creator and co-administrator of Transglobal World Music Chart (Spain), Paul Brou : Animateur radio Airs d’Afrique + on Radio G (France), Jérôme Dumortier: #RKC - Radio Kaos Caribou Founder / Manager (France), Dominique Pévost: Only French TV President (France), Eddie Hatitye : Music in Africa Director, Lætitia Normand: Manager of Le Rêve Africain (France)… And more soon Detail

E-Event organised by The African Dream

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