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1st 2021 PEPITE (Jhonel)

1st Pepite ● JHONEL | NIGER | POEM, SLAM


Jhonel is a Nigerien artist living in Niamey. Fascinated by words from a young age, he began declaiming texts as a teenager, taking inspiration from Nigerian griots and storytellers. In his texts, Jhonel, this modern griot, tackles subjects specific to the daily life of Nigeriens in urban areas: the difficulties of day-to-day existence, the hypocrisy of the wealthy, traditional practices, love relationships, the ups and downs of contemporary history... His talent as an orator has already taken him on tour in the United States, France, Africa and Canada, then to publish two collections of poetry with the Harmattan publisher...

● MORE : Official website / Facebook / Youtube

● LOOKING FOR: A manager, a booking agency & make promotion.


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