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Opening of the Afro Pepite Show 11th

The Afro Pepites Show is an e-Arts Market (Arts market online)

Le Rêve Africain (The African Dream) is a Talent-Spotter association expert in Digital. Since 2009, thanks to its Afro Pepites Show, the team connects selected pepites to professionals and fans of African cultures! A support for a digital visibility of the talents (Pepite) selected.


In this outpouring of creativity broadcasted by the Internet, The African Dream offers to artists the opportunity to speed up their international career, thanks to the Afro Pepites Show.

The international call for artistic projects is open to artists (musicians, painters, sculptors, dancers, photographers, street artists, film-makers, stylists, storytellers, humorists, poets...) from Africa, the Caribbean, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba or any other artists inspired by Africa.

The winning pepites will benefit from communication and possibly management support.

Discover the agenda:

For artists who have already participated, don't be discouraged, the Golden Pepite 2021 had applied twice before obtaining the Grail.

What are the selection criteria? The committee will select 10 projects which, according to their affinities, must stand out for their quality, their originality and/or their commitment. Choose carefully the work to be shared.

The team is available to answer questions.

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