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Since 2009, The African Dream offers an international cultural tool (e-Arts market) called the Afro Pepites Show to facilitate the cultural professionals’ search...

If you are a talents-hunter (media, managers, producers, publishers, organisers, booking agencies, agents, arts gallery owners...), and/or willing to share your expertise, then you are welcome to join the committee of the 13th edition of the Afro Pepites Show.

We will mention you on our website, our networks and in all registration validation emails sent to artists.

Procedure: The committee members will receive the instructions by e-mail. You will have to select 5 musical projects and 5 other projects (painting, dance, sculpture, short film....), in the quiet of your home, between 03/10/23 and 23/10/23.

➡️ Join the committee > introduce yourself by email

(Indicate your interest by sending us a short message with your mission and the link to your website).

They have already joined the COMMITTEE: Detail

E-Arts Market organised by The African Dream

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