• The African Dream


The participants of the Afro Pepites Show 2018 will be submitted to the expertise of :

• José Da Silva: Sony Music Entertainment President Ivory Coast and founder of Lusafrica label (Ivory Coast),

• Ben Oldfield: The Orchard Vice President France, Benelux & West Africa (France),

​• Manar Al Mouadmania and Daniel Lieuze: RFI, RFI Talent publisher (France)

Isabelle Messer: Georg Leitner Productions GmbH Booking agent & Tour Manager, Irieunity CEO & Founder (Austria)

• Sofian Katz : Mom Productions Booking agent (France)

• Yorrick Benoist : RUN Productions manager (France)

Sylvain Dartoy : WAX-Booking Production director (France) • Shabani Ramadhani Hamissi: Marahaba Swahili Music Festival Director (Tanzania)

Bernardo Barros: Centro Acadêmico de Enfermagem / REDE 3 Cultura e Saúde DF cultural adviser (Brazil)

• Kanga Paul Brou : Airs d’Afrique + / Radio G radio host (France)

Mathieu Girod: "Midi in the mouth of the world" on radio Nova Lyon Music reporte and YAL prod artistic manager (France)

Jérôme Dumortier: #RKC - Radio Kaos Caribou Founder / Manager (France) Julie Poncelet : Scènégal éthic 's artistic manager (Belgium)

• Lætitia Normand: Manager of Le Rêve Africain (France)

Thank you to the committee for providing us with their expertise!

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